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Meet Beth

Beth was busy raising two children when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. With help from Abacus, she traded in her 90k policy and get 50% more than the face value from Abacus. Beth was able to pay for her medical expenses so she can focus on healing with her family.

Looking for a way to pay for medical expenses or your policy is too expensive? Call us to find out how to get started.

Treating your cancer can be very expensive. It’s often a challenge to keep up with the additional costs you or a loved one may experience after being diagnosed. According to a recent NBC News story, treatment costs are only going to increase. Many people facing late-stage cancer have to delay much needed life-extending treatments because the cost can be more than they can afford, which only makes the fight harder when they are ready to pursue treatment.


Faster Offers

We supply offers in a fraction of the industry standard timeframe and under special circumstances, such as an impending lapse, we can move even faster. Coupled with our exclusive 24-hour pricing, Abacus can help you finish your settlement quickly without sacrificing any value in your final offer.


Satisfied Clients

The life settlement industry is unique in that it is comprised mainly of individuals who are going through deeply troubling times. At Abacus, we believe in supporting and connecting with our clients during these times and we back up this belief with things like our Lapsesaver Program and Abacus Express.


Institutional Funding

We work with several institutional funders to ensure that the offers we make on cases reflect real value. Rather than making offers from a single money source, we maximize the potential of your life insurance. This is reflected in Abacus’s aggressive and competitive pricing for every single case.