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Disclaimer: This is not an offer or bid. This is average pricing for discussion purposes only. Speak with your Abacus representative for additional insight. There have been many assumptions including but not limited to premium amounts and life expectancy that may or may not be accurate to your specific case. An actual underwritten life settlement offer may be much higher or lower. Full due diligence must be applied to any policy, insured, and seller to determine if a life insurance policy is sellable.

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The Process


1. Apply

Fill out our online application or call 800-561-4148


2. Interview

Attend a quick phone medical interview with one of our professional underwriters


3. Offer

We will underwrite your case and provide an offer


4. Money Dispersed

Your money is dispersed within 24 hours of your case closing

Violet, Policy Seller

“Shane was so efficient and had an extremely friendly demeanor. He went out of his way to make sure everything went smoothly, including speaking to my son to help come to a great experience. He broke down the intricacies of the entire process so well. I immediately trusted him and genuinely felt like he cared for me.”

*On Average, An Offer Is Generated 14-21 Days After Receiving An Insured’s Application. After An Offer Is Accepted Funds Are Typically Available In A Clients Bank Account Within 21 Days. These Numbers Are Based On The Most Recent Six Months Of Cases Closed By Abacus. **The Average Percent Of Face Value Paid By Abacus For A Policy Is 23.3%. This Number Can Fluctuate Greatly Based On An Individual’s Specific Impairments And Age.