Real Options, Real People

Over the last 15 years, Abacus Life has helped return over $2 billion in life insurance equity back to our clients. The stories below are from real Abacus Life clients, with their names altered to ensure privacy.

William, 82

William, 82, and his family decided that a policy was no longer needed for their estate plan and considered surrendering it to the insurance policy for a low payback. The policy beneficiary was William’s daughter, Amy, who decided to explore a better option: selling the policy to Abacus. With William’s age and medical history, Abacus nearly doubled the cash surrender amount the insurance company was offering, returning $1.2 million back to his family. Amy and her siblings are using the funds to ensure William has excellent care during this portion of his life.

Sandra, 59

Sandra, 59, was struggling under the weight of high monthly premiums and was in need of resources to help with family issues. To free up capital, she considered letting the policy go, but then learned she had other choices. Through a hybrid option Abacus provides, we were able to help Sandra maintain the policy, while giving her an infusion of cash. Abacus quickly paid her premiums to keep the policy current, so her beneficiaries will still receive benefits from the policy, and Sandra received $110,000 to help with medical care and family needs.

Adam, 56

At only 56 years-old, Adam was diagnosed with rapidly progressing cancer that had metastasized to his lymph nodes. He needed immediate financial assistance for his treatment, and he contacted Abacus to learn about his options. In exactly 30 days, Adam received a lump sum of $201,000, allowing him to immediately secure critical medical care without passing on any debt to his family. And the best part of this story: after receiving incredible medical care, Adam was cancer-free and able to move forward with his life — without the often crushing weight of medical debt.

Terri, 59

Terri, 59, was suddenly faced with the unthinkable: while she was fighting stage IV cancer, her husband lost his job after 30 years of dedicated service. They needed options, and fast, to face these devastating life changes. By researching online, Terri learned that selling her life insurance could be an option and decided to work with Abacus, citing our solid reputation as her motivation to reach out. We moved quickly to provide her with $50,000, which represented 50 percent of the policy’s death benefit. At the end of the day, they were able to pay off the remaining mortgage on their home, giving Terri the financial freedom to concentrate on her cancer treatments and healing, and spend more time with her family.

*On average, an offer is generated 14-21 days after receiving an insured’s application. After an offer is accepted funds are typically available in a clients bank account within 21 days. These numbers are based on the most recent six months of cases closed by Abacus. **The average percent of face value paid by Abacus for a policy is 23.3%. This number can fluctuate greatly based on an individual’s specific impairments and age.