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ABL Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results

Visit our Investor Relations page to listen to our second quarter earnings call and learn more about the future of ABL. You will also find our earnings release and Form 8-K available for download.

Abacus Life (ABL)

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Abacus Life Offerings

Abacus Life Settlements

Fully integrated advisor, agent, and consumer-facing secondary market origination platform. Abacus Life Settlements is an industry-leading market maker in the life settlement space.

Longevity Market Assets

LMA actively manages policy originations held for investment and sourced through secondary market channels including Abacus Life Settlements. LMA services these policies with support from an in-house valuation and diligence team.

ABL Tech

Lifespan data AI platform that develops full stack programs to build, predict, and value lifespan-based products. The products include life and mortality tracking services for asset managers, pension funds, unions, and government agencies.

Abacus Marketplace

The Abacus Marketplace is a first-of-its-kind platform built specifically to cater to Abacus clients and partners in every phase of business. From clients looking to sell a policy, to billion dollar funds servicing their portfolios.

ABL Wealth

A unique approach to wealth advisory that involves helping clients identify the difference between their lifespan and their wealthspan by utilizing actuarial data created through millions of unique data points, allowing us to help our clients make better financial decisions.

Abacus Lifespan Funds

Model ETF Strategy that utilizes individual lifespan to determine asset allocation.

Abacus Equity Income Fund

1940 Act Interval Mutual Fund with daily valuation and quarterly liquidity.

Abacus Life's Mission

President & CEO Jay Jackson details the core mission of Abacus Life (ABL) in a brief video here:


Our Journey

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