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About Abacus Life (ABL)

Abacus is a leading vertically integrated alternative asset manager and market maker, specializing in longevity and actuarial technology. The company is democratizing the life insurance space through three groundbreaking new channels: ABL Tech, ABL Wealth, and ABL Longevity Growth & Income Funds. Since 2004, Abacus has purchased life insurance policies from consumers seeking liquidity and has actively managed those policies over time (via trading, holding, and/or servicing). With over $5BN in face value of policies purchased, we have helped thousands of clients maximize the value of life insurance. Abacus Life is the only public life settlement company, trading on the Nasdaq Exchange under the ticker symbol ABL.

Over the past 20 years, the company has built an institutionalized origination and portfolio management process that is supported by a 100+ person team, long-term relationships with 78 institutional partners and 30,000 financial advisors, and the ability to operate in 49 states. The company has serviced approximately $950 million in policies and has managed assets for large asset managers and third-party investment funds. Abacus has underwritten and valued approximately $520 million of policies on behalf of third parties. Abacus’ leadership team averages 20+ years of experience and have been innovators since the life settlements industry’s inception in the mid-90s.

The company is a proud member of the Life Insurance Settlements Association (LISA) and complies with HIPAA and privacy laws to maintain and protect confidentiality of financial, health, and medical information. Abacus is also proud to be a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

As a shareholder, you will gain direct access to our platform where Abacus sits at the heart of this phenomenal opportunity, with multiple business verticals, including policy origination, portfolio management, and our AI-driven longevity data technologies. Abacus is using our data analytics to make better and smarter investment decisions that will become a standard for portfolio valuation and personal wealth management. Additionally, we have built numerous next-gen technology platforms, including, a leading online policy valuation calculator and policy management platform. With each new channel, we are revolutionizing the future of life insurance.

Jay Jackson Headshot

Jay Jackson

Chairman & CEO


Sean McNealy

Founder & President

Matthew Ganovsk headshot

Matthew Ganovsky

Founder & President

Scott-Kirby Headshot

Scott Kirby

Founder & President

Bill-McCauley Headshot

Bill McCauley

Chief Financial Officer

Chris-Romaine Headshot

Chris Romaine

Chief Counsel

Samantha-Butcher Headshot

Samantha Butcher

President Portfolio Operations

Seth Miller

Chief Revenue Officer

Karen-Teller Headshot

Karen Teller

Vice President Finance

Shane-McGonnell Headshot

Shane McGonnell

Vice President

Dani-Theobald Headshot

Dani Theobald

General Counsel

Vinnie Pellegrino Headshot

Vinnie Pellegrino

Vice President Capital Markets

Fei Xue Headshot

Fei Xue

Vice President of ABL Wealth