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ABL Tech

About Us

ABL Tech is dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions in every vertical within the ABL umbrella. Created with the goal in mind to bring together all of our proprietary technology solutions under a single entity, ABL Tech creates revolutionary solutions that can be applied across the entire ABL family of companies.

Products like the Abacus Marketplace and our Blockchain Technology were developed for the secondary life insurance market and expanded into multi-industry tech stacks to better service our clients in every phase. As technology continues to expand and develop in the increasingly forward looking industries ABL companies are a part of, ABL Tech will help maintain our place at the forefront.

ABL Tech Products

Lifetrac & Deathtrac

Internally built and maintained algorithm to both sweep vital databases and maintain records on millions of individual participants. These products allow us to partner with pension funds, government agencies, and companies in the life insurance space to increase data accuracy and meet reporting standards.

Death audits are executed for the purpose of identifying deceased individuals who are collecting a pension to minimize the risk of overpayments, fraud, accurately conduct plan evaluations for solvency reporting to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp (PBGC)

Valuation Services

Abacus Life’s sophisticated system generates real-time industry-standard life tables by analyzing 20 years of historical data from a subpopulation of insured individuals. Their dynamic approach captures intricate relationships between impairments and lifespan, providing accurate and up-to-date information for insurers. ABL Wealth employs AI algorithms and a vast longevity dataset to optimize personalized wealth distribution strategies based on unique wealth profiles and health circumstances.

Abacus Marketplace

The Abacus Marketplace is a multi-platform client portal that opens the door to communication in the life settlement space. One of the core goals of Abacus is to democratize the life settlement space and remove the layers of confusion that have been placed on the industry in the past. The Abacus Marketplace is a major step in that process, allowing clients and advisors to access their life settlement cases instantly, with no red tape.


The Abacus Blockchain is a full featured blockchain solution developed in partnership with Blockcerts, utilizing an Authenticated Cloud, Secure Virtual Space platform, and proprietary decentralized applications. This process eliminates paperwork and intermediaries, shortens timeframes, streamlines processes, offers front-to-back digital identity for clients, and enhances security.