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Longevity Market Assets

About Longevity Market Assets

Longevity Market Assets (LMA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ABL, Inc. LMA is an active portfolio manager with a trading volume and hold book that receives originations from Abacus Life Settlements. LMA is an integral part of the vertical integration model that is core to ABL’s business model, allowing accredited investors to access this asset class while maintaining cost of capital.

LMA is supported by a full due diligence and valuation team as well as proprietary financial modeling solutions that allow active portfolio management at a high standard. LMA also services portfolios, maintaining life insurance policies in good standing for several partners.

The LMA Team

Nick Sawuk Headshot

Nick Sawuk

Managing Director

Shawn Petrunak Headshot

Shawn Petrunak

Managing Director of Capital Markets

Erika-Blackwell Headshot

Erika Blackwell

Managing Director of Portfolio & Acquisitions

Daniel Cusimano Headshot

Daniel Cusimano

Trading Specialist

Nolan McNealy Headshot

Nolan McNealy

Capital Markets Analyst

Ryan- Santo Headshot

Ryan Santo

Capital Markets Analyst

Anissa Lindsay Headshot

Anissa Lindsay

Managing Director of Servicing

Angie-Quinn Headshot

Angie Quinn

Director of Servicing

Corinne St Laurent Headshot

Corinne St Laurent

Servicing Agent

Susan Long Headshot

Susan Long

Servicing Agent

Erin-Perkins Headshot

Erin Perkins

Servicing Agent

Kiana Williams Headshot

Kiana Williams

Servicing Agent

Patti Hughes Headshot

Patti Hughes

Servicing Agent

shaylene Mason Headshot

Shaylene Mason

Servicing Agent

Lise-Bazin Headshot

Lise Bazin

Servicing Agent

Adrienne Reid Headshot

Adrienne Reid

Servicing Agent

Sherri-Rubin Headshot

Sherri Rubin

Servicing Agent

Layne-Gierke Headshot

Layne Gierke

Senior Financial Analyst

Kevin-David Headshot

Kevin David

Financial Analyst

Amine Mahboub

Amine Mahboub

Financial Analyst

Fransisco De Miranda Headshot

Francisco De Miranda

Pricing Analyst

Bradley-Post Headshot

Bradley Post

Pricing Analyst

Matthew Vaughn Headshot

Matthew Vaughn

Pricing Analyst

Kyle Gabrieles

Kyle Gabriele

Pricing Analyst

Frank-Walden Headshot

Frank Walden

Director of Finance

AlexeiS Headshot

Alexei Solomon

Director of SEC Reporting and Technical Accounting

Samantha Whitman Headshot

Samantha Whitman

Senior Accountant

Nicole Mortensen Headshot

Nicole Mortensen

Senior Accountant

Devin Day Headshot

Devin Day

Accounting Analyst

Abacus Servicing Platform

The Abacus Servicing Platform is an ABL Tech developed software solution built directly into the Abacus Marketplace. It is utilized by our fund partners and internal servicing team. The platform removes layers of complexity and communication traditionally seen between servicers and portfolio holders.