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Life Settlements

New Year’s Financial Planning For Seniors

The start of a New Year can prompt a lot of resolutions—like to go the gym more frequently, to pick up a new hobby, or to get your finances in order. This time of year offers the perfect opportunity to start with a clean slate to establish your priorities and goals for the future.

Proper money management is essential for all age groups and stages of life. Seniors tend to experience changes in their spending and saving habits when prompted with new care and medical expenses or changes in their lifestyle. Living on a fixed income can be a challenge during unforeseen circumstances, therefore, being prepared and understanding all of your financial options can be of great help when planning out your finances. Here at Abacus Life, we offer seniors an option that could grant them financial freedom.

An often overlooked, or simply unknown, financial option for seniors is the life settlement option. This avenue allows for immediate cash that can be utilized in any manner a senior may need. The life settlement industry is highly competitive and closely regulated. Abacus Life is ranked number one in client payouts and fast sales, granting seniors lump-sums of cash that can tremendously improve their current financial standing. Abacus Life offers up to 6 times the monetary value that would have been incurred if the insured had let their policy lapse or surrender. Instead of resorting to selling off other wanted or cherished assets, selling your life insurance could be a viable option that provides additional, instant cash that will aid you during your senior years.

When taking the time to sit back and reflect on your current financial situation at the start of the year, make sure you take this innovative option into consideration. It can can alleviate your current debts, bills, or open you up to new opportunities during your golden years. If your other New Year’s resolution is to travel more often or to splurge more on your family, or something else that would require additional income, a settlement could provide you the funds in order to do so.

Reach out to a member of our team here at Abacus at 800-561-4148 to see if you qualify; we want to help you fulfill your New Year’s financial resolution!