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Abacus Life Settlements and BlockCerts Blockchain Partner to Lead the Next Generation of Life Insurance and Annuity Purchases using Blockchain

ORLANDO, Fla., July 26, 2022. PRNewswire

Abacus Life Settlements and Longevity Market Assets are collaborating with BlockCerts Blockchain on a new business model and technology platform to launch Abacus into a new era for insurance and longevity-related assets.

“Abacus Life and Longevity Market Assets are excited to partner with BlockCerts Web 4.0 to lead the next generation of life insurance and annuity purchases using blockchain. We are revolutionizing the acquisition and investment in longevity-related assets,” stated Jay Jackson, CEO of Abacus Life. In the future, Abacus Life will transact a policy entirely on the blockchain using the BlockCerts Authenticated Cloud, Secure Virtual Space platform, SignCERTin, and proprietary decentralized applications. This will eliminate paperwork and intermediaries, shorten timeframes, streamline processes, offer front-to-back digital identity for clients, and enhance security, just to name a few.

The company will benefit from cost reductions, next-generation data security, and a competitive edge in the marketplace to continue its leading growth trajectory. By using TrackCERTin, all details for every policy can be accessed quickly, eliminating the data degradation as policies trade hands and assign a true asset identity that tells the entire policy story from origination through the tertiary market.

“BlockCerts is enthused to collaborate with the Abacus Life team to bring the full power of Web 4.0 to life within the insurance industry, to redefine what is possible,” stated Tim Vasko, Founder of BlockCerts Blockchain. Vasko said, “This is a great example of how our authentication blockchain and our full suite of decentralized applications are able to streamline past processes and provide new solutions to yield many new benefits for a growing company like Abacus Life and Longevity Market Assets.” has connected the dots with the first Web 4.0 experience for individuals and companies riding on its authenticated blockchain and authenticated cloud, where every person is authenticated, private keys protect data, each individual works in their Secure Virtual Space, dApp tools eliminate siloed applications and data, and TrackCERTin provides a view of transactions and events to organize and view everything in a business to scale globally.

BlockCerts has integrated true Web 4.0 privacy, your Secure Virtual Space, and the tools for managing life or scaling a global business. BlockCerts recently showcased the ORBITi private browser and BCERTin Pilot, the gateway to your private cloud and the new tools to soar in the digital universe.

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