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Seeking Alpha Reports: “Abacus Life: Have They Cracked Life Settlements?”



  • Abacus Life Settlements has emerged as a profitable opportunity in the SPAC wreckage, trading down about 35% since its merger.
  • Abacus operates differently from its predecessor, Emergent Capital, by originating policies and selling them to investors or its subsidiary.
  • Abacus has a proven track record of generating significant returns on investment and has attracted capital from major firms like KKR and Apollo.

Among the wreckage of 2021-era SPACs, an interesting, profitable opportunity has emerged. Abacus Life (NASDAQ:ABL) (NASDAQ:ABLLW) deSPAC’d this summer as a three-way merger between Abacus Settlements, Longevity Market Assets, and East Resources Acquisition Company, trading down

Abacus Business Model (Abacus Investor Deck)

Abacus Investment Method Policies (Abacus 10-Q)

Abacus Fair Value Policies (Abacus 10-Q)

Abacus Originations (Abacus Investor Deck)

Abacus Track Record (Abacus Investor Deck)

Abacus Merger (Abacus Investor Deck)

Abacus Warrant Terms (Abacus 10-Q)

Abacus Debt (Abacus 10-Q)